Shiyan Lake is located at the junction of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan, covering an area of 10 square kilometers. 10-20 kilometers from Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan City, It is the first rated AAAA scenic spot by the National Tourism Administration, Hunan's first safari park, Hunan Baijing, Hunan's top ten water tourist attractions, the domestic professional development training base, and the international dragon boat race base. Changsha is one of the 10 popular tourist attractions.

The scenic area is surrounded by mountains, blue water like jade, peaks and ridges, ancient stems and twigs, and green and shady fields. It is reputed as the natural oxygen bar of urbanites. The lake water is quiet and pure, and the water is rich in more than ten kinds of trace elements such as iron, zinc, calcium, and so on needed by the human body. To meet the national water quality standards, known as "Hunan Jiuzhai human Yao pool", "urban green dream", "Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan three green center park.

Shiyanhu is also the domestic professional development training base, with 20 years of development training experience, is more than 80000 enterprises and institutions at home and abroad to expand training one-stop service provider. The scenic spot has high-grade leisure vacation villa area, four-star standard decoration Shiyanhu hotel, Shiyanhu villa and three-star standard Rongjing guesthouse, can accommodate 2000 people to lodge, 4000 people to eat, 4000 people to carry on the development training at the same time. Hotels, conferences and other facilities in the scenic area are well equipped, beautiful environment, suitable for leisure, ecological recreation, business meetings and large-scale activities.

Relying on the excellent ecological environment, Shiyan Lake has developed dozens of low-carbon and experiential amusement projects with the core of "experiential tourism" and "experiential training." Such as the largest single outdoor 3D landscape painting in Hunan, Jurassic Park, Green Heart Underground Canyon rafting, Landscape Paradise, Bonfire Party, CS Live Radium Warfare, Field work, fishing, Cottage Food, Ecological diving, Rock climbing, Tent Camping, Horse racing, bumper cars, dragon palace, kart, etc. It is the preferred place for parents and children to visit around Changsha.

The sky glass-covered bridge, a part of the newly created "Shiyan Lake in the sky" in the Shiyan Lake scenic area of Changsha, will be opened to the public on September 15, 2017, with a total length of 300 meters and a height of 150 meters, straddling Shiyan Lake and reaching the South China Sea Monkey Island. Castle Peak, clear water and transparent sky glass bridge set off each other, lake and sky, under the bridge often startled beautiful rainbow, the sky glass bridge will bring visitors a unique experience of play.

Shiyan Lake Jungle through the forest through the establishment and construction of a variety of high safety factor, difficult and easy, different styles, super stimulating level, let you experience the pleasure of free gliding high altitude, feel the thrill of jungle climbing and forest crossing.

Nowadays, people in the city like to be quiet, and most of their accommodation depends on mountains and water. We see many hotels with lake and ocean views, but what kind of ultimate experience is this with a front line view of the lake and a house with an ecological realm?. Hunan's first ecological realm house on the edge of Changsha Shiyan Lake

Tianmen Mountain, is always reputed as the first holy mountain in Wes-tern Hunan Province. In thousand and hundred years, the appearance of the six unsolvable riddles—“the opening of Tianmen cave, the turbulent water of Tianmen, the Turning of Tianmen Cave, the buried treasure by Yefu(an ancient general), the picture of Guigu—an ancient religious master, and the auspicious unicorn”—which adds to the mysterious, spiritual and celestial atmosphere to the place.
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